Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Fiona and Bobby

2011 was quite a year for me as it was my first official year of turning pro.  I really truly had no clue what to expect, after 2 years of training and practicing I headed into the year with a 'let's just see what happens?' attitude.  Jeez... I had no idea! 
It couldn't have started any better when Hayley and Neil asked if I could shoot their gorgeous low key wedding right here in the heart of Norwich. Any nerves I had were instantly banished just by hanging out with these guys, I had the best day, got pictures I was genuinely proud of, and right there and then knew I was in love with my new job.  And it didn't disappoint. I met some incredible people (some of whom I'm still in touch with and have become good friends), travelled to some stunning locations, got to continuously push myself with my photography and editing, and generally had the best fun it's possible to have whilst still calling it 'work'.  Boy am I lucky.
And so it was perfect that the year ended, the Saturday before Christmas, with Fiona and Bobby.  I had already shot the wedding of Bobby's brother Ricky earlier in the summer, so I almost felt part of the family (they certainly make you feel like family).  
Fiona had always wanted a christmas wedding and that's exactly what they had - a candlelit church, christmas carols, mulled wine, a tree, turkey and pigs in blankets, and even a flurry of snow.  Four locations, each so different from the last, made it such a fun shoot.  And the fact that they were just about the nicest people and made me feel such a part of their gorgeous day was the cherry on a vintage year.
So thank you to everyone I worked with in 2011 - I'll never forget any of you.  
I can't tell you how excited I am about 2012!!!
Jo x