Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ottilie, Rufus & Agatha x

Ottilie, Rufus and Agatha have two ladies in their lives. Their lovely mum Lucy, and Nicole.  Lucy called to say that Nicole, who has helped out with the children since the eldest daughter was a baby, is finally leaving the family to finish her teacher training. She wanted to give her a little book of photos as a goodbye present, and also something for the kids to remember her by. So for an hour or so I hung out with them while they baked up one final batch of biscuits and played in the garden. Sadly not many of the biscuits got decorated, most of the smarties and icing ended up being licked from fingers and spoons, culminating in one almighty sugar rush (and a very excited Rufus!). But I'm sure these are the best kind of memories Nicole will take with her.
And when I took the images round for Lucy to look at, Rufus saw them pop up and screen and whispered under his breath... I love Nicole...