Friday, 15 April 2011

I love a good wedding!

Last year I shot a couple of friends weddings and it was the most fun I'd ever had behind a camera.  Seriously, how could I not love it? Surrounded by happy people, everyone and everything looking their best, and I got to take a tonne of pictures of the whole day!  Genius!

So ever since then I've thought 'that's what I want to do'.  But I felt I needed to work on my style, and having spent the last year volunteering myself for just about everything going I think I'm about ready to go.

I have a few bookings coming up which I look forward to sharing with you, not to mention my coverage of the Most Curious Vintage Wedding Fair, but until then, I hope this lovely day I spent with Pete & Georgie are enough of a taster. And of course feel free to check out my lifestyle blog (link just over there on the right) for more pics.  

Have a browse, drop me a line, ask whatever you like.  I hope I'm the girl for you x

A huge thanks to Georgie & Pete Murdoch for taking a couple of hours off from their kids and hanging out in the sun with beer and strawberries just for me.  I know it's a tough call and I love you for it ;D

And also a special thanks to Lucy at Pretty Vintage for the beautiful picnic blanket (I may hire it every weekend now just to bring some more colour into my life).