Thursday, 16 June 2011

A very vintage hen.

Hen parties. Two words guaranteed to drum up images of screaming girls tearing from bar to bar decked out in ra ra skirts and L plates! While I'm in no doubt this is fun for some, there is thankfully another way.  So it was with a little trepidation I headed out to Essex one gloriously hot Saturday to cover A Most Curious Hen Party .  When we got there the 13 girls had already had a 2 hour cocktail making session and we were greeted with plenty of whooping and cheering. But from then it couldn't have been more civilised. Becky laid out a beautiful spread of tea, sandwiches and cake amongst the finest crockery and flowers, and for the next 4 hours the hen and her girls lounged in the sun whilst taking it in turns to have their hair and make up done by the fantastic Ceri and Sarah.
Don't get me wrong - I lost count of the amount of corks that were popped during our short stay there. The music was being turned up with every track and I could see Singstar waiting patiently in the corner - so by the time we left they were in serious party mode and with all the glamour to match.  And not an L plate in sight...

Credit where credit's due.
Party organised by Becky at A Most Curious Party
Incredible cakes by Jess at Cupcakes By Jess
Hair by the beautifully tattooed Ceri Cushen
And a dozen red lips and flicked eyeliner by the ever patient Sarah at Coco Violet

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