Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Kelly & Toby: Ten images

Kelly & Toby's wedding was fun in so many ways. Firstly they only had 12 friends join them on their wedding day, the only family member being Toby's brother. After their nuptials at Islington Town Hall there was a sunny September walk over to a local pub for cold drinks and some swedish chewing tobacco! Then on to the frankly awesome Wapping Project for photos and dinner. The Wapping Project is an amazing venue, just my cup of tea. And made for some amazing portrait locations. Then the following day we all partied at The Luxe in Spitalfields. Perfect :)
Here are just a few frames, the whole wedding will be blogged over the winter. And a big congratulations to Kelly & Toby for doing their wedding their way x


  1. Laaaaav it!!! Especially the tiiiiiiiiny little bride and groom! :D x

  2. Only 12 guests? Wow. Like you say, great to see a wedding that the b&g have done it their way, good for them! Sounds and looks like a bloody fun, stylish and happy day. Love their venue choices... all o' them :)