Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Joanna and Dave

Those that follow my blog, or indeed know me, know that I'm a people person. Sure I love all the diy details of a wedding, the beautiful venues, a hot dress... all that certainly makes for a fantastic wedding (and keeps my camera busy and therefore happy). But what I love the most are the people... they make the day for me.
Which is why Jo and Dave's wedding will most certainly go down as one of my all time favourites.  Such a great couple, fantastic family, and truly lovely friends... all add up to a proper celebration (re: knees up!). I've never shot so many happy faces in one day before. If they keep this up they're in for one hell of a marriage!
I shan't go on... I've already posted far too many pictures. But I have to say thanks for having me Mr & Mrs Adkins... I had a ball :D


  1. Wonderful, Joanna. I love it all. x

  2. Man alive! Love these :) Super work!!!

  3. love the idea of shooting the couple in the kids playground!

  4. brilliant photos.....captured the day purrrfectly!!

  5. Every time I see these photos I smile! Thanks Jo.