Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lucy and Paul

Lucy let Paul plan their wedding day.  The entire thing.  All she had to do was buy a dress and turn up on time.  Yep, she's a braver girl than I!  But from the first time I spoke to Lucy I knew she was one of those 'anything goes' girls and was just excited about having a party and finally getting to marry her guy.  Not that she needed to worry, Paul planned the day perfectly, and it really was the most gorgeous day :)  And as if that wasn't enough, she also decided to keep the entire wedding a secret from all her friends - telling them it was her 30th birthday party!  So on a wet, drizzly day they cosied up with champagne at the opulent St Giles House hotel Norwich, followed by a gorgeous candlelit lunch in Bishops, before we were finally greeted by a wine cellar full of shrieking girls and a few shocked aunts and uncles...

I quickly pick up on what most couples do and don't want from their photos.  Most brides hate having photos of them drinking, let alone smoking.  But I took a gamble and sneaked this pic of Lucy having a crafty cig on the walk to the restaurant.  It paid off - she shrieked with delight and called it her 'Kate Moss moment'!  (it's also now her profile pic...) - love her for being herself x


  1. Simply stunning... Words fail me.

  2. That image of the bride having a cheeky fag. Priceless. Love that it's so real.