Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Preview... Lucy and Paul

Lucy let Paul plan their entire day as a total surprise.  Not even her friends knew she was getting married until the reception.  She just had to dress up, and grab a cab...

The rest of the story will have to wait until they get back from Paris ;)


  1. gorgeous! esp that first shot. cant wait to see more Jo

  2. Wow your photos are so beautiful, so are the subjects you photograph. A friend at work showed me your blog spot after attending Lucy's wedding and Im so pleased he did.

    At uni I studied Fine art and I have to say that since i finished a year ago I had been feeling really uncreative as it wasn't really the course i thought it was going to be. I now know I really should have studied photography or Graphics (Don't you just love hind-sight?) but am lucky enough to have a job doing Graphic design (well learning it as I go really!!).

    I just wanted to let you know that your photography has really inspired me. I cant wait to pick up my camera and get out taking some photos again. I am going to be regular to your web site I can promise you. You have reminded me why I love to be creative, so thank you Jo.


  3. Wow, thanks Samos! Funnily enough, I studied photography at college, but a dull, uninspiring tutor made me think it would always be something I did for pleasure and never a career. It took me 23 years to realise the two weren't separate.
    Whatever it is you're into, just stick with it - I guess that's my best advice x