Sunday, 17 July 2011

Kate and Chris

What a beautiful yet casual day - to me what a marriage should be!
Kate and Chris met at the UEA over creative writing - a love which spilled over into their wedding.  She a travelling American and he a close to home Mancunian, they settled (as we all do) right here in Norwich.  We first met in their local over a pint and I soon cottoned on to the fact that these two were very comfortable in their own company, and all the more comfortable with anyone who wished to join them.  It was obvious from the start that these guys were (are) very much in love.  I felt like I were in the company of a couple celebrating a silver anniversary as opposed to an oncoming wedding.  
They were wed at Sussex Barns  where many of their friends and family, some more travelled than others, spent the entire weekend. The day before, and even morning of, their wedding everyone - family and friends - chipped in with everything from flower arranging to cake making. 

Most of their friends from both sides spent the previous night on site... needless to say there were a few hangovers on wedding day!

The ceremony was read by close family and friends and included a reading from Kate's favourite book 'The Velveteen Rabbit'

Kate and Chris's love of literature was evident in their choice of favours.  The tables were decked in books for the guests to take home and keep as reminders x

After all the formalities, guest were treated to an endless supply of the most delicious ice cream from Caroline's home made (and yes home milked) ice cream. Yum!!

Good luck Mr & Mrs Rose... though somehow I dont think you need it xxx

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  1. lovely Jo, I feel I could almost have been there! xx big kiss