Thank yous

"You make weddings look worth going to!"  Anonymous Tweet...

"Love love LOVE the photos!! Seriously amazing! At first I was worried my predator like gurn/scrunched face was ruining every photo (erm should have practised smiling in the mirror!) but then I realised - who cares? I look bloody happy! :) 

Cannot wait to show everyone - the photos really capture the fun, relaxed atmosphere we were desperate for the day to have, honestly we just love them. Can't stop looking at them!

It was such a joy to have someone so awesome at our wedding, never mind someone who also produced an amazing set of photos that I know I'll be proud of for the rest of my life - thank you!

Just got to get a shortlist down for printing now... It's going to be tough!

Will be recommending you to literally anyone I know who gets engaged :)

Tricia xxx"

"Thank you sooooo much for your fantastic calming photographic presence pre-wedding, not to mention those supportive moments. Jo you are more than a photographer, you are just a pleasure to be around and such a calming influence while I was getting ready. Lots of friends and family were saying how lovely you are. I started dancing after the dinner and didn't really stop until the end, my ivory shoes are trashed! 
Really looking forward to seeing the photos. I know they will be fab.
BIG love,

Jo Wright"

"It was such a pleasure meeting you at the wedding in Norfolk and I have enjoyed hearing all about your career from my daughter, Kate ….
The photos you took of this very special wedding were just absolutely amazing.   Everyone had the same reaction … you captured the emotion of each and every moment beautifully.  We are not fans of “posed” photographs, especially at weddings, but it takes a very special talent to sit behind the lens at a gathering of strangers – and instinctively KNOW when and how to shoot.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart … for all the joy I will continue to feel each time I share these memories.
I wish you ALL the best with your career … and look forward to seeing your work out in the world!
Mary K. Moorhead"

"A huge big, heartfelt, thank you for all the photos – they are amazing!

We were really looking forward so seeing photos as neither of us could remember that much of the day and knew that the images would bring it back and we got that from yours, in spades. You’ve captured a wonderful spirit of the day and some very tender moments between people. The one of Dad and I come down the path to the labyrinth brought me to tears. They are all full of movement, fun and bon amie - exactly what we wanted from the day and that’s all come across. And thank you for taking a record of all the decorations and food – it’s all those details that’ll be forgotten in time and helped make the day what it was.

Every time I look at them, seeing the expressions of people’s faces, the dialogues going on between them makes them interesting to look at again and again.
It’s a wonderful gift having the record that you’ve given us. Thank you

Belle & Tim"

"I was transported! Your photos of belle's wedding are wonderful, magical and absolutely delight full! Thank you.
I especially liked the one of my great niece running round the labyrinth, [grey tone with hay bales] and Belle and me forehead to forehead with hat! That was one of the day's magical moments for me and you captured it. I shall treasure the image, as I am sure I will the one of my sister and I boogying with that young man!"